Pampers’ campaign creates an ultimate rookie-dad guide for Virat

Sneha Yadav
Jan 15, 2021 07:13 IST
Pampers India

Featuring ‘Dads’ from across the country, Pampers India campaign reaches out to the new father in town - Virat Kohli, offering a helping hand in handling the additional responsibilities.

Building on the insight that ‘every dad needs a little help in the beginning - even the greatest of the greats!’, Pampers India’s latest video campaign is focused on sharing the do’s and don'ts for the newly turned father - Virat Kohli. Pampers India has stepped into a strategic yet emotional ploy for moment marketing with the campaign.


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 The ‘dads’ in the Pampers India ad film talk to Virat about how as the Team India captain he has faced various challenges on-field and tackled them successfully, but the ‘asli’ challenge has just arrived. Donning the hat of Virat’s coaches, the fathers take him through a list of activities to be included in the dad’s duties and the numerous ‘baby chores’. For instance one of them is heard saying – “You know the way you hold a cricket bat? Don’t hold your baby like that ever! Be gentle.”

The campaign serves as an extension to Pampers India #ItTakes2 to care for a baby philosophy where in the past it stressed on the involvement of both - the mother and the father in nurturing the baby and spending quality time them which is also essential for the cognitive, social as well as emotional well- being of the baby.

The campaign is live on Pampers India's social media pages and has garnered 4.5 k views so far on YouTube.

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