Snapchat launches Global Partner Solutions program for advertisers

Paawan Sunam
Jan 07, 2021 19:36 IST
New Update
Snapchat Global Partner Solutions

To aid advertisers with qualified partners for various stages of execution of a campaign and connect with the community effectively, Snapchat introduced Global Partner Solutions program.

Snapchat has categorized the partners into two distinct types - Strategic & Certified, with further differentiation. Advertisers who opt for the Global Partner Solutions program can be assisted through crafting a pre-campaign strategy, creative execution, campaign optimization, or a strategic collaboration.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners help advertisers with advanced ad buying solutions by developing specialized technology using the Snapchat Marketing API.

Certified Partners

Certified Partners assist advertisers for efficient execution, optimization, and analysis of ad campaigns by providing expertise through Snapchat's Marketing API.

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Lens Creative Partners, Mobile Measurement Partners, Agencies, Sales Partners, and more, are the more kinds of partners available in the program. AccessAR, adam&eveDDB, Baidu, and Httpool, are a few of the various partners available through the program.

Recently Snapchat has been amping up resources and support for advertisers on the platform. In the concluding months of 2020, the platform launched Snap Connect, a certification program in specialized topics wherein advertisers can learn about direct-response advertising from Snapchat experts.

In mid-2020, Snapchat rolled out a learning portal called Snap Focus for advertisers with resources and courses to attain user insights, build brand strategy, streamline media planning, and get certified.

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