Snapchat introduces public view counts for Spotlight

Snapchat Spotlight

Videos in Spotlight, the in-app platform for user-generated content on Snapchat, now show public view counts overlaid on the video, above the username.

The display of public view counts on videos in Spotlight is a significant update, as Snapchat offers users the opportunity to earn a share of more than $1 million, distributed to creators every day, to the highest-performing Snaps submitted to Spotlight. An example of what the feature would make videos in Spotlight look like can be seen from the screenshots shared by Twitter user Mike Metzler.

The system considers metrics and factors such as the total number of unique video views, favorites attributable to a Snap, the number of daily users who view the content, the time spent by users viewing the content, and the past performance of the content.

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Social media users have been conditioned to take view counts as an influencing factor to judge the quality of the content or whether they want to spend time watching it. “The more number of views, content would be good, less number of views, content would not be good” seems to be a common notion.

In any other case, it would only mean the content surfaced may not perform well, but in the case of Spotlight, it may also affect the opportunities a creator would have to win the prize.

Moderation and content suggestion algorithms, that prioritize content would also impact any payments a creator may earn. Along with the basic parameters such as Snaps should be vertical videos with sound that can be up to 60 seconds long, still-images, horizontal, blurry, or text-only Snaps would not be featured in Spotlight.

Screenshot Credits: Mike Metzler