[Download] Social Media Creative Sizes Guidebook 2021

Social Media Sizes Guidebook

Here’s your downloadable guidebook listing creative sizes for all major social media platforms to help you put forth optimal communication with each post.

Every major social media platform went through a sea of changes in 2020, giving users new features and surfaces to experiment with. The phenomenon, coupled with how people had been stuck at home for a long time, gave rise to an increase in user-generated content as well as added to the possibilities for brands and agencies. These factors clubbed together have created a need to stay updated with the optimal creative sizes that help create the best consumption experiences on major social media platforms, this free downloadable guidebook aims to help with that.

It documents the changes that came about in 2020 and prepares you with plans for 2021. In the guidebook, you will find acceptable creative post sizes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest. The guide covers both various formats, included static as well as ephemeral surfaces on these platforms.

Along with listing dimensions, you will also find some tips and tricks to keep in mind while making creatives for social media platforms. These range from the safe areas where platform icons won’t overlap content to the image resolution that will give you best results.

You can download the free guidebook here:

Social Media Creative Sizes - 2021