Talkwalker Survey: State of Conversation in 2021

Talkwalker Survey

This is an invitation for A&M Industry professionals to contribute insights and views towards the Talkwalker survey around the way brands plan to leverage Social Listening in 2021.

From the tea stall near your office to the tweets sent for a particular hashtag, conversations and chatter happen everywhere. Often, these impact the decisions taken in boardrooms. 

2020 was a tumultuous year in every aspect, including brand safety and social listening. It has led to a vigilant ecosystem that needs to drive smarter business decisions than ever before. This is where the State of Conversation in 2021 Talkwalker survey comes into the picture. They are collecting data to understand how brands monitor and leverage the data they get from various channels, and how it will impact the decisions they make this year.

A part of the survey deals with the different channels used by brands to track conversations that are relevant to them. Another focusses on the difficulties they face while doing so. This data is expected to lead to a report on how brands are leveraging conversations to better understand their consumers and customers in 2021. For this, the survey also takes into consideration the tools at the disposal of brands and their representative agencies.

The human part of the process is also being looked into. The survey has various questions about who monitors the data being collected and which teams have access to the information being collected. The process of data collection and flow are key aspects being covered by the survey, which ultimately aims to understand the role of data in these conversations. 

You can participate in the survey here.