Twitter acquires Breaker, a social podcast app

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter Breaker

As a part of the development of Spaces - chat rooms to have voice-based conversations, Twitter is uniting with Breaker and bringing in core members of the Breaker team.

For the unacquainted, Breaker, the social podcast app enables users to listen to podcasts, like, share, and comment on episodes and discover new podcasts from the community. In association with Twitter, Breaker will be working beyond the scope of traditional podcasts.

Breaker as a standalone app will be shut down on January 15th. Podcasts hosted on the app can be transferred to another hosting service by using the RSS feed.

Subscriptions can be transferred to another podcast listening app, users can export it in an OPML file from Breaker and open that file in another app.

Twitter was first testing Spaces internally and then launched it in the beta phase in December 2020 with a small feedback group.

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Twitter users can create a space, invite users, and manage who can speak. Spaces enable users to have discussions about a topic away from the chatter of users who might divert a conversation or disturb it, because of the public nature of conversations on Twitter.

People in the group will be able to create Spaces for their followers and other people on Twitter to join. They’ll have full control over who can or cannot speak in their space.

Along with addressing technical issues, bugs, creating a user-friendly interface, and more, the primary part of the development of Spaces seems to be seamlessly integrating 'voice' and 'social' in an appealing experience, something that Breaker achieved as a social podcast app.

The voice-based social networking ecosystem remains fairly untapped. Presently, social media platforms are only restricted to voice messages, along with Twitter experimenting with voice Tweets.

Voice has also been touted as a dominating trend by several experts since the last two years, and the containment measures during the pandemic have also given this trend a push, providing a space with potential to Spaces.

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