Twitter launches an Academic Research product track for its API

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter academic research

To streamline academic research on Twitter conversations, and enable qualified researchers with access to all v2 endpoints released to date, Twitter introduces a new product track.

Along with the new endpoints, researchers will also be provided higher levels of access to the developer platform, and access to the history of public conversations via the full-archive search endpoint, precise filtering, and technical and methodological guides, in the Academic Research product track for Twitter API.

Researchers have used user data from public conversations to study significant topics, global affairs, crisis response, human behavior, online discussions, and more. As the Twitter developer was not research-friendly, it has been improved with the new track.

The product track has been designed to aid researchers in advancing to their objectives with tailored solutions that suit their needs and move further towards their discoveries and innovations. You can only apply for this product track if you meet the following criteria:

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  • You are either a master’s student, doctoral candidate, post-doc, faculty, or research-focused employee at an academic institution or university
  • You have a clearly defined research objective, and you have specific plans for how you intend to use, analyze, and share Twitter data from your research
  • You will use this product track for non-commercial purposes

To use the track researchers need to apply by filling out the Academic Research application. Applicants can apply as an academic researcher, but Twitter has also outlined steps for ones that are not academics, do not have a defined project, or are not a researcher but a different professional related to academics.

Twitter mentions they will also introduce Business product track, as well as additional levels of access within the Academic Research, Standard, and Business product tracks, in the coming months.

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