Albatrot bags digital media mandate for Voyage Manager

Voyage Manager

Albatrot will focus on increasing search equity for Voyage Manager with content as well as generate leads for the brand with performance marketing.

Voyage Manager is a travel tracking app founded by John Scott, a software engineer. Headquartered in the UK, it has clients all around the world. The app reports travel-specific data like geo crisis alerts, and carbon footprints and notifies the relevant authorities in cases of mishaps. Earlier this month, Voyage Manager gave its digital mandate to Albatrot, a Mumbai based agency that has recently expanded to the UK.

This mandate poses a few challenges, one of them being recognising a niche among a potentially global audience. The app targets businesses and organisations around the world whose teams are required to be frequent business travellers. The two-fold strategy that won Albatrot the pitch focused primarily on increasing the brand’s search equity with content, and generating quality leads with performance marketing.

On bringing onboard their newest international client, Shivanjali Ahluwalia, Account Manager, Albatrot says, “There’s probably never been as much need for a tool like this, as there has been this year. The more ‘unprecedented times’ are getting, the more relevant this product feels every day. While we can’t avoid natural disasters or crises of such a nature, making sure our teams and loved ones are safe is one step closer.”

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She adds, “That’s definitely what motivates the team most with this client — the fact that Voyage Manager provides an intrinsic solution to a problem that’s affecting each one of us every day — the problem of unpredictability. Apart from the function, it’s rather stimulating for the team to be working with an organization that’s focused on evolving every day and innovating new technologies every week. It keeps us on our toes!”

John Scott, the founder, and CEO of Voyage Manager started on the journey to this app after his encounter with a Tsunami back in Sri Lanka in 2004. He says, “Our last experience at creating a digital standing for the brand wasn’t the most productive one — the agency we were working with here in the UK wasn’t quite in sync with our objectives”.

He adds, “Having known and trusted Shyam since his time at Cambridge, I reached out for a better solution, which we found in an association with his agency that has a team in the UK, making interaction easier. In their pitch, the Albatrot team demonstrated a clear understanding of our brand values and the target group; offering some really innovative ideas. With Shyam and his team on board, we can rest assured that we will achieve what we’ve set out to”.