Weirdvertising: Ads so bizarre, you can't stop watching!

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Weird Advertising

With wacky imagery and outlandish narratives, brands have been able to keep people hooked until the last second and beyond; read on to see some of the best Weird Advertising campaigns.

In a world where attention is at a premium and most platforms are pushing for shorter and shorter ad formats, Weird Advertising holds the kind of novelty that can help brands nail longer formats. This type of advertising usually features humans or non-human entities in bizarre environments, compelling people to keep watching till the very end to make some sense of what the communication is all about.

Products are usually featured in these ads in more direct ways and sometimes, the narrative acknowledges that it is an advertisement. The communication keeps you hooked.

In some cases, the protagonist of the narrative is a person who is looking directly at the camera throughout the ad, talking to people in a way that keeps them on the edge of their seats. In other cases, it is just difficult to expect what comes next.

Here are some of the best Weird Advertising campaigns for you to look at.

Omega Mart

RC Cola Philippines

Poo Pourri


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Dollar Shave Club

Old Spice

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