New videos with false claims on YouTube to now receive a strike

Paawan Sunam
New Update
YouTube strike

The grace period provided by YouTube that was existent after the platform updated its misinformation policy in December has ended and going forward the three strike policy is now in effect.

Channels or creators that post videos in violation of YouTube policies and that contain misinformation will now receive a strike. During the grace period, new content that violated rules and policies were removed without any penalty, but that will not be the case now.

The grace period was originally supposed to end on Inauguration Day, the United States Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden on 20 January, but has now been terminated in the light of the violent events at the US Capitol and certified results of US Elections.

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The penalty of receiving a strike is the channel being temporarily suspended from posting or live streaming, and three strikes in the same 90-day period will result in the permanent removal of the channel from YouTube. YouTube also mentioned, "We apply our policies and penalties consistently, regardless of who uploads it".

As per the three-strike policy, the first violation usually results in a warning, the first strike leads to the prohibition of uploading videos, live streams, Stories, and use of a few features for one week. With the second strike within the same 90-day period, the channel will not be able to post for two weeks. The third strike in the same 90-day period will conclude with the permanent removal of the channel.

Each strike expires 90 days from the time it was issued, a case of severe abuse can result directly in channel termination without a warning. Channels can also appeal a warning or a strike if they think YouTube made a mistake.