YouTube Updates: Hashtag Pages & Bug Fix of Post-Roll Ads

YouTube post-roll ads

The bug fix for post-roll ads is an important update for monetizing creators on the platform while hashtag pages is a new feature for improved video discovery on YouTube.

The post-roll ads update is live for all monetizing creators and Hashtag Pages has been rolled out on a broader scale on YouTube.

Hashtag Pages

Hashtag Pages will group content related to a specific hashtag together and enable users to discover all videos related to the topic of the hashtag at one place on YouTube.

Hashtag Pages were first announced in December 2020 in the beta phase on the main app, now anyone searching for a specific hashtag on desktop or mobile app will land on a dedicated page that only contains videos linked to a hashtag.

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This page can also be accessed by clicking on any automatically linked hashtag on YouTube. The videos on all hashtag landing pages are sorted to keep the best videos at the top.

The feature does not seem to be functioning when a user searches for the hashtag on the desktop or mobile app, but it works when a hashtag on a video title or description is clicked, but users can try this URL on desktop and replace the last word in the link to search for the desired hashtag.

Post-Roll Ads

For monetizing creators, any videos over ten minutes in length will now automatically have post-roll ads turned on by default. Creators can turn them off or uncheck the post-roll ads box while uploading a video to not show post-roll ads to their viewers.