Case Study: How CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi campaign leveraged influencers & memes for brand salience

CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi

A large part of the Duniya Boli Lagayegi campaign involved CARS24 leveraging their TVC’s character on social media in varied formats.

The CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi campaign was designed to focus on three key messages — the Unique Bidding System, a strong network of buyers and sellers getting the best deal. Agencies Ginger Monkey and Ogilvy were involved in creating and executing the campaign, which ran from October 2020 to December 2020 in a phased manner.

Category Introduction

India is a country of 4 million used-care transactions, a large chunk of which happen in an unorganised fashion. Following a full-stack transaction-led model, CARS24 currently owns a 4% market share of the used car category and clocks 15,000 transactions per month on average. The category is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10-15% Y-o-Y in the next 5 years.

Brand Introduction 

CARS24 is a platform to sell/buy vehicles online. It operates in over 130 cities in India, providing customers with an innovative auction format, a proprietary inspection app, and an algorithm that matches supply and demand across the country. It also features a price discovery mechanism for used vehicles.

Summary – CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign

The campaign ‘Duniya Boli Lagayegi’ aimed to empower sellers with a wide network of buyers and complete support. Released with an aim to highlight the immense network that CARS24 has across the country and its Unique Bidding System, the concept was launched on television with a TVC and further amplified on social media pages of CARS24 including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn with the help of content marketing. 

Problem Statement/Objective 

  • To engage with car sellers and communicate the state-of-the-art offering by CARS24 – the ‘Unique Bidding System’.
  • To build relevance and brand salience with millennials in the digitally enabled world of social media.


To amplify the TVC in the most engaging way on social media to spread even more awareness about the Unique Bidding System.


The campaign had a multi-phased approach.

Teaser and Building Hype: The first phase included a Twitter activation by top influencers. The purpose of the activation was to create intrigue and finally reveal how easy it is for sellers to get genuine buyers from across the country through the unique bidding system.

The influencers tweeted a number and the name of their city. This built curiosity among their followers. The brand got very interesting replies such as “Is this what you charge for a tweet?” and “Is this the amount you are betting on an IPL team”.

Followers and other users too started putting out their numbers and city names. The two-day activity helped us reach a larger audience as influencers were asked to tag each other. Finally, CARS24 revealed the unique bidding system and the concept.

Narrating the story of brand characters ‘the overconfident mamaji‘ and his ‘smart nephew’: The second phase had the objective of promoting the characters of the TVC to create awareness about the TVC.

In this phase, the brand also explored meme marketing as a tool for engagement on top meme pages.

Mamaji’ from the TVC became a popular figure with people relating to such know-it-all relatives present in all parts of the country. Normally, meme marketing involves your content + popular memes format. But the brand had a different approach — they created memes out of the TVC itself. This helped the brand in amplification of the TVC concept film on Instagram.

CARS24 Meme

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Building Consideration and Trials:  In this phase, the brand focused on explaining the difference of experience in selling cars on a conventional platform as opposed to selling a car on CARS24. A series of creatives with each using a unique use narrative to establish the concept. 

Moment marketing/Topical Content: In this phase, the brand leveraged contemporary topics like IPL and US elections.

Social Media Property: Another major engagement activity was the creation of an AR filter for Instagram users. The GuessThePrice filter made users aware of what CARS24 is all about in a very engaging way. Users had to try and guess the price of cars available on the platform. The idea was to make them aware of the Unique Bidding System.


  • Influencer activity — Impressions: 500k+, Engagement: 200k+
  • Meme Marketing — Reach: 700k+, Engagement: 100k+
  • AR Filter — Impressions: 10k, Open, 3k+

About the CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi campaign, Nida Naushad, Head of Brand, CARS24 said, “Gone are the times where you can play ‘one size fits all’ advertisements for a longer duration. In the contemporary world of social media, topical moments play a very strong communication pillar. More forms of short and long-form video/static moment marketing will become a norm to survive in the ‘virtually connected world’. Our Duniya Boli Lagayegi is a classic example for adopting a digital approach in the world affected by the pandemic.”

“It is very important for a brand to be present and be relevant in this social media world. Capturing the right set of emotions and customer expectations for content builds strong brand equity,” added Abhishek Mudgal, Brand Manager, CARS24.