Case Study: How Oriflame celebrated 25 years in India with its community

Oriflame India campaign

Created by VMLY&R India, the #BeautifulBeginnings campaign by Oriflame India garnered 6.2M reach and 5L engagement on social media.

Over the last quarter of a century, Oriflame has strengthened its base in India. Owing to the pandemic, the brand had to tweak their plans to convert their 25-year completion celebrations to virtual events and activities. The Oriflame India campaign, #BeautifulBeginnings was part of the 25-days celebration to commemorate their journey, via Oriflame India social media handles.

Category Introduction

Beauty & Personal Care Products Market size is anticipated to reach USD 716.6 billion by 2025. The demand for the beauty and personal care products market is expected to increase owing to a rising ageing population and growing consciousness to maintain youthful skin and a good appearance. U.S., China, Japan, India, and Mexico are expected to witness considerable growth over the forecast period owing to robust industrial development and extensive urbanisation.

Global Beauty and Personal Care Products Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period (2019 – 2024). Some important players in the mass/masstige makeup/cosmetics field include — P&G, Beiersdorf, Unilever, MAC, Revlon, Olay, L’Oreal, Oriflame, and Avon, among others.

B2B brands are levelling the field with B2C competition brands — which makes marketing a complex undertaking for such brands. Social media and online marketing give brands the potential to reach a previously unimaginable number of potential customers, which is impossible without taking a multi-channel creative approach.

Brand Introduction 

Oriflame a Swedish beauty brand that has over 50+ experience in beauty & wellness, selling direct in more than 60 countries. Oriflame India is dedicated to inspiring and offering people an opportunity to achieve their dreams through their unique business concept. Your Dreams – Our Inspiration is a manifestation of their commitment towards clients and consultants; their dreams play a large role in developing new beauty products and inspiring programs that help to develop their own business. The marketing objective of the brand revolves around educating and promoting consultants, thus creating its own Oriflame community.


Oriflame celebrated its 25 years in India as just their #BeautifulBeginnings in 2020. Beginnings to more success, more empowerment, and more beauty solutions. Despite national lockdown, the Oriflame community revelled digitally in the celebrations with gifts, GIFs, AR filter, Live celebrations and much more, creating 6.2M reach and 5L engagement.

Problem Statement 

In 2020, Oriflame completed its 25 years in India. After lockdown hit India, the plans had to swing from physical celebrations to a completely digital one. 


To make the entire Oriflame community feel celebrated for their 25 years of hardship, success, and devotion. 


To make the celebration massive and unforgettable. Oriflame’s journey in India has seen immense success and they wanted the community to remember these 25 years as an example of what the bright future has to offer. 


The brand wanted to tell its Oriflame community that this 25-year of a love affair is just their #BeautifulBeginnings to many such reasons and years to celebrate. This was encapsulated in a 25-days celebration on Oriflame’s social media handles. The activities involved 150+ digital leaders.

The story behind 25 years of Oriflame was crafted in a 2-minute brand film that described the lifestyle, entrepreneurship opportunities and financial independence of the Oriflame community.

Through a celebratory AF filter, the brand called their audiences to a virtual event, which garnered a presence of 50K+ viewers. 

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It encouraged user engagement on their social media pages and caught the attention of many young audiences to attend Virtual Live Celebrations. The filter encapsulated an impression of 500K+.

Oriflame India collaborated with several beauty influencers and digital leaders such as Nitibha Kaul, Niki Mehra, Srishti Agarwal and Ankita Rai, sending them a 25th year anniversary celebrations box as part of the campaign. The box encapsulated a gist of the brand’s remarkable history, their environmental initiatives, product history and a few products loved by all.

The brand also released a series of brand films that talked about the lifestyle, products, CSR initiatives, entrepreneurship opportunities and financial independence of their community.

During the end phase of the campaign, the brand team released another film that highlighted various social initiatives and product innovations.


The campaign garnered 16 M impressions on Facebook with a reach of 12 M and 94.7% positive sentiments. On Instagram, 3.4 M impressions were achieved with a reach of 2.8 M. 500+ UGC entries were received by the band on Instagram.

Naveen Anand, Senior Directing — Marketing, Oriflame India, shares his view on going heavily digital: “The world has already stepped into the digital world and is loving the experience. If you are not interacting with them digitally, you will miss out when they are making purchases. Over the years, our digital presence has helped us get more closer to our audiences and increase our userbase incessantly.”

“The secret sauce for Oriflame’s massive digital community and engagement is their curiosity to leverage every possible medium vividly, be it engaging in moment marketing, exploring a new platform feature or even an AR filter, especially during lockdown makes them stand-out in the industry. Digital is just the way our audience communicates now. The 25-year celebration of Oriflame in India is very special for us, and the team wanted to ensure we give the best ways for our community to express themselves. We are proud of partnering the client team to create Oriflame as “Connected Brand,” added Amandeep Singh, Business Director VMLY&R Delhi.