Case Study: How Swarovski Valentine's day campaign leveraged macro-influencers to create reach for its premium offering

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Swarovski Valentine's day campaign - Sparks of Love

The case study delves into Swarovski's Valentine's day campaign, involving an influencer outreach program on Instagram that engaged 12 influencers with 1.9 Million+ followers explaining how a brand with premium offering leveraged the platform.

In 2020, Swarovski launched a 10-day long campaign on Instagram to promote their Valentine’s Day collection. The campaign, Sparks of Love, intended to establish the collection as the perfect gift for the occasion while spreading the message of inclusivity of love in all its forms. 

Brand Introduction

Swarovski is a premier jewellery and accessory brand run by the fifth generation of the family. Their fine craftsmanship, unique designs, and technological innovations have established the company as a global brand. Every product embodies its founder’s vision of creating ‘ a diamond for everyone’ and carries the tradition of delivering extraordinary everyday styles to discerning women around the world.


For their Valentine’s day collection, the brand added a contemporary twist to timeless motifs of love. With new shades of crystals, intertwined with mixed metal finishes, the collection featured accessories in polished tones and crystal pavé embellishment. 

The idea behind ‘Sparks of Love’, their Instagram campaign by Adfluence Hub, was driven by the inclusivity of love in all its forms, whether it was between romantic partners, parents, family members, or friends. It encouraged the audience to choose from their range of meaningful gifts to express their love. Working with macro-influencers and digital celebs, Swarovski was able to reach a larger community of audience in a highly targeted manner.

Campaign Objectives

Using macro-influencers and digital celebs on Instagram, Swarovski Valentine's day campaign aimed to create awareness about the brand’s collection as a quintessential gift for Valentine’s day. 


The campaign intended to emphasize that love was present in all spheres of life. Instagram influencers created their content involving people they loved most: a romantic partner, a family member, or a friend. To maintain brand aesthetics, they were asked to follow a colour scheme as well.  


Identifying the right influencers was crucial for the campaign to perform successfully. Not only were they required to have a great following in the brand’s required target audience, but they also had to be creative enough to create excellent content to boost awareness about the collection.

In doing so, the posts had to feel very personal and connect with the audience. Pastel red & blue and beige-pink & blue were the chosen colour schemes for the campaign.

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With ‘Sparks of Love’, Swarovski wanted to initiate a positive message and the joy of celebrating the day of love with loved-ones. They aimed to reinforce the sentiment of love and its inclusivity. The shortlisted influencers paired with partners of their choice - romantic partners, family, or friends - and ideated their photoshoot to align with the campaign’s goal. Some chose to do the shoot alone to symbolize self-love. 

For instance, Sakshi of StyleMeUpWithSakshi shared that she celebrated the special day with her parents and her Swarovski was a gift for them.

In a similar campaign done during Christmas 2019, content creator Viraj Ghelani posed with a Swarovski and his caption suggested it to be a gift for his mother and influencer, Kriti Vij emphasized self-love in her Christmas post for the campaign.

#Swarovski #SparkDelight were the specified hashtags to be used while posting the content. The content was amplified on social media.


  • The Instagram campaign engaged 12 influencers with a total of 1.9 Million+ followers. 
  • Collectively, they created 24 unique pieces of content that reached 2.1 Million+ users on Instagram. 
  • A combined 313K+ followers engaged on the posts at an engagement rate of 16%.
  • A cumulative 10K+ users saved the content.
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