Social Media Strategy: Cold cream brands leverage nostalgia & warmth to up winter communication

Cold creams social media strategy

As the chills of the winter subside, we take a look at how cold cream brands are using social media to speak to consumers amidst a pandemic.

Winters are a special time for people and brands alike. On a physical manifestation level, skin tends to become dry, needing an extra helping of self-care and cold creams. At the juncture of all these needs and feelings, with a dollop of a pandemic, the winter of 2020-21 was an interesting time for cold cream brands leveraging social media for communication.

They were able to spin a few sales-oriented narratives around nostalgia, warmth, and a promise of a better (and softer) future. These brands were trying to cut through the despair in the air and give people a chance to use their time in an effective manner while being cooped up at home.

Warmth of Memories

Googly Woogly Wooksh is a long-standing campaign by Pond’s. Every year, the tagline is revived during the winter months as a means to sell their moisturizing cold cream product. The core idea behind the campaign is that the cold cream can help cheeks stay soft through the dry-skin season, prompting people to affectionately pull the person’s cheeks.

For 2020-21, the brand asked people to share memories that they have, over the years, created and shared with their loved ones. Visuals depicting influencers expressing affection towards their family members were leveraged. The brand connect was added with the help of the familiar tagline sound and winter-special filter featuring product packaging.

Relatable Stories

This winter, BoroPlus concentrated their marketing budgets towards promoting BoroPlus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion. They roped in influencers to talk about their skincare routine and explain how this particular lotion is a perfect fit for their needs. Product features, including key ingredients, were highlighted in these videos. The communication was pushed in multiple languages, including English and Bengali.

Tips & Tricks

Pictures featuring multiple products by a single brand are a popular post type among beauty and self-care product brands. It helps brands put forth their portfolio according to specific needs, promote diversity in their offerings and assert dominance in the segment. This was done by cold cream brands during the recent winter months.

Vaseline played around with the word ‘win’ in winter, infusing sentiments in the communication. They also created ‘must-have’ winter essential posts to promote winter care products in their portfolio.

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Trending Formats

As a means to stay and keep engaging with their audiences, cold cream brands too have been leveraging trending formats. In recent examples, it can be seen that these were used to build on the already strong narrative around winter care products and how they are effective against dry skin.

Driving Engagement

Using the powers of social media, specifically the aspect where consumers feel compelled to participate in conversations being fuelled by businesses, cold cream brands too have recently put forth posts to drive engagement. These include posts that directly nudge people to share their thoughts or answer questions as well as those where brand’s content itself is such that people might feel it necessary to add to the conversation.

2020 was not an easy year but when put in the context of how things had started to get better towards the end of the year, one can see how cold creams could leverage narratives to push for sales. This was evident in their posts where they have been continuously promoting benefits of their products — while keeping human emotions at the centre of these efforts.