Key Takeaways Twitter Q4 2020 Report: Ad engagements increased by 35%

Twitter Q4 2020

The Twitter Q4 2020 Report has come out better than expected, advertising, in particular, has thrived in the quarter with revenue and engagement generated both being on the higher end.

The highlights from the Q4 2020 Report give an understanding of the state of Twitter and its standing in relation to the competitive platforms. Brands and agencies specifically would gain a perspective to making informed decisions while advertising on the platform.

Twitter has also been active in the quarter in terms of the launch of new products such as Spaces, and on the COVID-19 and misinformation front with the launch of labels on Tweets.

Here are the highlights.

  • Q4 closed the year with a revenue of 1.29 Bn USD, up 28% year over year
  • Total US revenue was 733 Mn USD, an increase of 24%. Total international revenue was $556 million, an increase of 34%
  • Total advertising revenue was 1.15 Bn USD, an increase of 31%. Data licensing and other revenue totaled 134 Mn USD, an increase of 9%. Advertisers increased investments across both brand and direct response in Q4
  • Total ad engagements increased by 35% and Cost per engagement (CPE) decreased by 3%

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  • New ad formats, stronger attribution, and improved targeting resulted in a 31% year-over-year increase in total ad revenue and greater than 50% year-over-year growth in MAP revenue in Q4
  • Mobile Application Promotion or MAP ads totaled more than $300 million in FY20, roughly flat year over year, but increasing significantly over the course of 2020 and ending the year with revenue up more than 50% in Q4
  • Total revenue for 2020 was approximately 3.72 Bn USD, an increase of 7%. Advertising revenue grew 7%, with the US growing 6% and international growing 8%. Data licensing and other revenue increased 9%
  • Average monetizable daily active users reached 192 Mn in Q4, up 27% year over year and up 5 million sequentially
  • In Q4, the number of Topics continued to grow, now people can follow more than 6,000 topics, expanded with a catalog of TV Shows and Twitter’s first Hindi-language Topics
  • The number of Tweets liked by customers who followed a Topic increased, the average engagement rates for topical Tweets are more than 2X the engagement rate for Tweets from account-based follows in Q4