LinkedIn sets out to build an inclusive & equitable platform

LinkedIn inclusive

LinkedIn shares efforts and developments in their attempt to create a diverse and inclusive platform for the core elements of the network – professionals and companies.

With diversity and inclusivity coming at the forefront of conversations in and around a workplace, and the overall impact of recruitment processes on companies at scale, LinkedIn seeks to build an inclusive platform with unbiased recruitment through these steps:

Conversations for Change

LinkedIn plans to tackle obstacles in the professional path of marginalized communities by amplifying diverse voices, strengthening inclusive networks, and amplifying these discussions with the ‘Conversations For Change‘ series. This month the series would focus on Black voices, in the light of Black History Month.

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Inclusive Recruitment

Features of recruitment tools that hide the picture and name of the candidate to reduce bias, discovering data and insights to help recruiters understand the hiring process and its outcomes, improving the process with a meritious approach that focusses on the skills of the candidate, are a few ways, LinkedIn intends to create an inclusive recruitment space on the platform.

Educative Content

LinkedIn Learning path, a compilation of online courses in video format, now include diversity and inclusivity related topics. Professionals and companies both can educate themselves on these topics and learn how to confront bias or communicating about culturally sensitive issues and more.