LinkedIn prompts users to share demographic information helping make the platform inclusive

Paawan Sunam
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As a part of their initiative to create an inclusive platform and equitable opportunities for users across demographics, LinkedIn will prompt users to self-identify from their profile.

The prompt would enable users to share their demographic information to help LinkedIn identify and measure outcomes across gender, race, ethnicity, and disabilities, so the platform can work on bridging equity gaps when found.

Starting with the US, users will begin seeing the prompt in their LinkedIn profile. The platform mentions the information will not be visible on the Profile or used to identify a user to other members, recruiters, or companies without the user's explicit consent.

The information can also be changed, edited, or removed through Settings. LinkedIn will use the information to:

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Review LinkedIn Products For Bias

The review will find if any communities are underrepresented because of their demographics, and will work towards improving opportunities for all communities and introduce new features that are inclusive of all members.

Improve Recruitment

LinkedIn will provide actionable insights to recruiters and hiring managers, so companies can develop a diverse and inclusive hiring process.

Global Workforce Trends

The platform will provide data insights in the monthly LinkedIn Workforce Report Labor market report, to enlighten members on what actions they can take for greater equality of opportunity.