New Nescau campaign encourages paper straw usage

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Nescau campaign

As part of the Joga Junto Movement, the Nescau campaign compares the life of a 20-year-old with a straw that was stuck at sea for two decades.

Created by Ogilvy Brazil, the new Nescau campaign follows the journey of a 20-year-old boy alongside that of a plastic straw who has been out to sea for two decades. Though we experience many changes in that time, the straw does not. The campaign is part of the Joga Junto Movement, which inspires people to consider their responsibility to preserve the oceans and the simple ways they can make a big change.

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The video campaign depicts the life of a baby who grows into an adult over the course of 20 years on one side of the screen. On the other, we can see a straw that's stuck to an underwater coral reef all this time. He eventually grows up, dives into the water and plucks out the straw. With this parallel, the brand has tried to show the life cycle of plastic waste in the sea.

In 2019 Nestlé had started Nescau's #JogaJunto sustainability. Under the #JogaPraDentro initiative, they encouraged the correct disposal of straw. Some beverage pack variants were launched without a straw and some with paper straws. With the new campaign, the brand has announced that all Nescau packs will now come with paper straws.

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