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Feb 15, 2021 04:29 IST
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Emojis Social Media

Akash Tripathi from Top Mobile Tech sheds light on the relevance of using emojis across social media platforms to boost engagement, bring a humane approach to marketing.

Emojis! This word is much popular and important among the people who converse/chat on different online platforms. With the increase of social media platform usage among all aged groups of people, it became seemingly essential for every brand to make their presence on these social media platforms for the future of the brand performance and more sales.

This article will deep-dive into the relevance of using emojis across social media platforms, popular emojis for the different social media, emojis to boost the social media post engagement while making it interactive and more?

Why are Emojis Important across Social Media Posts?


According to the Emoji Consumer Science Team, 92% of people on the Internet use emojis to express their emotions. Many studies and researches discovered that emojis on social media posts have significantly increased the post’s engagement ratio up to 50%. Different brands found that their social media posts get more popular or viral when they use emojis.

It is observed that a post on Twitter with emojis gets 25.4% more engagement than a post without emojis. Also, posts that include emojis get 57% more likes and 33% of more comments, and 33% more shares on Facebook. On Instagram, 50% of captions and comments already contain emojis.

A report by Appboy Study, strongly claimed that emoji-based marketing campaigns have increased by 777% in a single year. There is no doubt or any confusion to call emojis 'the fastest growing form of language in history'. So, if you are missing emojis in your social media posts, then you should start using them in the caption of each of your next social media posts and increase brand awareness on social media. 

Popular Emojis

The use of emojis depends on various factors like different social media platforms, emotions of the user, the aim of emoji, emojis that represent symbols, and so on.

The below illustrations show the top emojis used by users on the different social media platforms.


Most used Emojis on Twitter
Social Media Emojis 2

Facebook gives seven different expressions in the form of Emojis to react to a Post.
Social Media Emojis 4

Top 10 emojis used on Instagram

Have a close look at the popular emojis and see which ones are missing in your post, and include them in your next social media post for better results. 

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Top tips on Using Emojis for Social Media Engagement

Understand your audience

There is no rocket science behind why you must know about your audience before you post something for them. Brands that published relevant social media posts for their audience have gained more popularity and increased brand awareness quickly. If your brand is new, then it is advisable to use different tools for knowing your audience well. With the help of tools, you can know what type of content your desired audience likes, which emojis in posts are doing well to increase engagement, what content and emojis are used by the top player of your category, and other useful data from the tool.

Emojis in every social media post must match with the audience’s social interest, demographic, current trends, latest viral content, and other factors too. Using emojis according to the audience is an intelligent decision to take for faster brand visibility across social media platforms.

Use Relevant Emojis

If you found any emojis that did not connect with your post content, then you must neglect that emoji even if it is a favorite emoji of your audience. Every emoji used in a post should match the content idea for the required impact.

Be Inclusive

It is important to use emojis according to the geographical and social background of your audience because this grabs more attention and love from the audience for your brand. Different skin-colored emojis are available when it comes to the human body part emoji. Also, be careful while using these kinds of emojis as it is seen that this can hurt the sentiments of a community and create a negative brand impact.


Different skin coloured emojis  


Be Creative while using Emojis

Being creative with emojis refers to matching your emojis with your brand’s product/service and with your audience's taste. If you do not find any emojis according to your need, then you can combine two emojis to make one creative emoji. Moreover, you can also consider designing your own emoji.

Few other tips for using emojis effectively

  • Use emojis in Emails also because emojis in the subject line boosts the open rate by 25%.- (its more necessary to keep the emails professional than just the posts)
  • Use emojis in service. It is seen that the use of emoji in customer chat support gives positive results.
  • Use emojis in the ad copy. Facebook ads with emojis have a better (241% more) click-through rate than ads without emojis.
  • Do not overuse emojis. Keep it professional.


Emojis are becoming the second language of the online world. They are extremely important when it comes to the engagement of any social media post. The right way of using emojis helps to boost your brand awareness on social media. It becomes essential to use social media marketing tools for a better understanding of the audience, trends, and emojis. You can learn it by yourself or hire any social media marketing agency for quality tasks.

This article piece is authored by Akash Tripathi, Content Marketing Manager, Top Mobile Tech

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