Pinterest introduces Story Pins Following Streams

Paawan Sunam
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The Story Pins Following Streams is an immersive carousel of Stories from creators that user follows at the top of the home feed on Pinterest, with the option to discover new creators.

The introduction of Story Pins following streams on Pinterest is designed with an objective to build a relevant recommendation system for users to enable them to follow and engage with creators and explore more original ideas.

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As for creators, the feature would help them build an audience base. Users can find more creators they do not follow but resonate with their taste through the 'Discover creators' icon. A similar Discover page has been a part of Instagram for quite some time now.

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Story Pins are saveable and actionable. Users can save ideas and visit a creator's profile through the following stream. The new feature has been rolled out on iOS and Android. Grossy Pelosi, Caroline Vazzana, Nicole A. Taylor, and Justine Marjan, are a few of the early creators to tap the format.

Recently, Pinterest also introduced AR try-on for eyeshadow & expanded product tagging. Users can try on and shop beauty products through the iOS or Android app. The try-on is designed to enable users to make better purchase decisions as they discover products and look for makeup inspiration on the platform.

Product tagging in beta is being expanded to a few advertisers and creators to enable them to create shoppable Story Pins and tag products.

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