PSA campaigns that helped humanity through difficult times

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PSA campaigns

Be a crisis situation or a regular phenomenon that requires intervention, PSA campaigns are a beacon of hope for authorities and brands alike, here's a curated list.

When problems dawn upon us, we look for tiny rays of hope that would help us face the situation. PSA campaigns are an example of this. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, PSA ads educated people about guidelines, helping them through the chaos. With people being quarantined at home and anxious about what’s gonna come next, PSA ads featuring Senior Bachchan brought people together, making things a little lighter and easier to cope with for them.

Dating back to the pre-modern times to today, when much of everything is digital — PSA campaigns continue to lead the advertising industry. Issued in the public interest, these ads talk about various challenges like mental health, polio, global diseases, and abortion.

PSA campaigns have somewhat formed the structure of advertising to become the backbone of the industry. These campaigns not only deliver a message in public interest but also help in changing public attitudes and behaviour towards a social issue, bringing about a difference on the ground level. The Pulse Polio campaign by the government of India was largely responsible for eradicating the diseases that haunted millions of citizens.

Read on to take a look at some of the PSA campaigns from around the world that helped people through tough times.


World Health Organization - COVID-19

UNICEF India - Polio

Stanford Medicine

CAMH - Mental Health

Muskurayega India

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World Health Organization

PIB India

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

RBL Bank

Sandy Hook Promise - Back to school essentials


UN Environment

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