Twitter reveals the brands that won Super Bowl LV

Twitter Super Bowl

Putting their most creative selves forwards, brands leveraged Twitter to participate in real-time conversations around Super Bowl this year.

With the world moving so quickly, for a brand to stand out it needs to connect to the most valuable audiences, when they’re most receptive, and build cultural relevance. Is it any wonder then that the Super Bowl saw brands take centre stage with creative ad campaigns on Twitter. Now that the game is over, we can look at the real winners of the night, which is the ads that had everyone talking on Twitter. Twitter is revealing the list of winners of this year’s #BestOfTweets Brand Bowl LV winners.


Pepsi drove the largest overall conversation among Big Game advertisers

Every year, spectators await the Halftime Show with as much eagerness as the Big Game. Pepsi owned this cultural moment by giving fans a chance to win halftime prizes and leveraged The Weeknd’s performance at the Super Bowl, thus owning maximum conversations on Twitter. 


Budweiser drove the largest overall conversation without a US national TV spot

Budweiser played a different game this year, riding without a national TV spot. The brand stirred up nostalgia with a video featuring its iconic Clydesdales. Through #EyesOnTheClydes, the brand connected well with the spirit of reuniting, while also giving people the chance to win a retro fridge stocked with Bud. 


T-Mobile got most Retweets on a single tweet from a brand’s handle among Big Game advertisers

T-Mobile looped people into Big Game conversations by featuring some famous faces in their Super Bowl video ad. Through a well-placed mix of big names, the brand got people to Retweet their ad by teasing with a Samsung 5G device in reward. 

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Disney+ garnered most engagements on a single video Tweet from a brand’s handle among Big Game TV advertisers

Disney+ won the engagement game on Twitter by releasing the teaser trailer for the new Marvel series #FalconAndWinterSoldier as their Super Bowl commercial and then dropping the full trailer on Twitter. Enticed fans couldn’t contain their excitement, and kept watching and engaging with the video Tweet. 


Indeed came up as a brand that best adjusted to real-time events as they unfolded

Indeed put forth a sensitive, humane side by addressing the prevalent problem of unemployment. Reacting to real-time events during the game, the brand kept on Tweeting job opportunities from other brands that were advertising throughout the Game, using the hashtag #NowHiring


Verizon best used Twitter to creatively breakthrough, beyond promoted Tweets and video

In a week-long activation on Twitter, Verizon partnered with artists like Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus to host the #BigConcertSmallBiz after-game event. The activation was the brand’s extension of its commitment to supporting small businesses. 

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