YouTube announces a bi-weekly report for updates on Shorts

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube Shorts report

The report by YouTube would highlight creator success stories with Shorts, product updates, tutorials, best practices for the format, and more of such tips in an infographic format.

For the unacquainted, YouTube Shorts is a new tool for the creation and consumption of short-form content, such as multi-segmented videos under the duration of 15 seconds, and the announcement of the report is intended to streamline the creation bit.

Review, Strategy, Spotlight, and Q&A, are a few of the segments that have been touched upon in the first Shorts report.


A breakdown of success stories on Shorts that will enlighten creators about why a piece of content resonated with large groups of people, and what they can learn and apply in their own content.


Handy tips that can be accessible and applicable for creators of all sorts, not just the established or well-equipped ones, so factors such as unfavorable settings, no equipment, or an unaesthetic background do not block the creation process.


A step-by-step tutorial on how to use a feature or tool to make the Shorts more snackable.

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YouTube answers Shorts-related questions from creators.

Users can subscribe to a Google blogpost to be notified when a Shorts Report is posted.

The rollout of Shorts began in June 2020, around the period TikTok was banned in India. The feature was first launched in testing and then the beta phase with small groups of users. Since then, the push on Shorts has not been as aggressive, seemingly to not disrupt the user experience to introduce a new feature.

One of the major updates was the test of introducing the Shorts icon on the Home tab. Presently, the hub does not have its own tab in the UI, users can access Shorts via a carousel on the Home Feed and then scroll vertically to view more videos.

Recently, a product manager from YouTube also explained how YouTube Analytics for Shorts works, to clear out any ambiguity or confusion surrounding the new format.

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