YouTube to introduce pre-publish checks for creators

YouTube pre-publish checks

To cut down restrictions on videos posted by creators, YouTube will be launching the access for pre-publish checks before a video is posted.

When creators upload a video, YouTube runs various checks in the background, to manage copyright claims (if there are any) in the video, and to scrutinize the content’s suitability for ads; these pre-publish checks will be available to creators in the coming weeks.

YouTube will be making it easier for creators to access these check results before a video is published, and give them controls to act on any restrictions before a video is published.

Ad suitability checks will only be available to monetizing creators, corporate checks will be available for all creators. They can act on these restrictions by disputing a copyright claim or reviewing for ad suitability.

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Presently, creators wouldn’t be able to access every possible background check, and if any element such as metadata is changed, and that might have an effect on the video later on. Suitability and corporate checks are the only ones available as of now, as they were most requested by creators.

Note: The checks do not guarantee there won’t be any issues after a video is published.

How To Access Pre-Publish Checks

  • Upload the video
  • Enter title, and description
  • Turn on monetization
  • Rate the video on the ad suitability page
  • Results will be displayed on the ‘Checks’ page
  • Act on the restrictions, if any are found in the Copyright or Ad Suitability checks

The feature will be improved with more kinds of checks being available andexpanded to Mobile, as it further develops.