Audi India takes a stand against stereotypes surrounding women drivers

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Audi India Women's day campaign

Conceptualized by BBH India, the International Women’s Day campaign released by Audi India features women crushing gender-based stereotypes under their cars.

This year’s Women’s Day was a special one for the team at Audi India. They got an opportunity to take their brand’s philosophy, Future Is An Attitude, and go to battle against driving-related stereotypes women are tired of hearing. After listening to about a hundred women, their resolve only strengthened. Thus, #DriveTheChange campaign was created.

Conceptualized and executed in conjunction with BBH India, Audi’s #DriveTheChange has been packaged as a direct attack on the age-old supposedly funny remarks women drivers are subjected to. To bash these sexist and obsolete stereotypes, Audi India invited eight real women from diverse industries. These women (literally) drove over these stereotypes, which were painted on the road.

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Commenting on the initiative, Gaurav Sinha, Head - Marketing & PR, Audi India said, “Through this campaign, we are celebrating women who are the strongest driving forces in our lives. We recognize that women are strong influencers and are constantly confronting and breaking pernicious stereotypes about women being bad drives. Taking this forward, we have developed a campaign that encourages and celebrates women by reinforcing the messaging of breaking down gender stereotypes.”

“Sexism is insidious in the way it creeps into seemingly casual comments. Especially when it comes to women behind the wheel. This Women’s Day, we decided to call out these stereotypes and put them in their place. Crushed under the wheels of awesome and confident women of today,” added, Russell Barrett, CEO & CCO, BBH- PWW India.

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