Ben & Jerry's Campaigns that made the brand communication snackable

Paawan Sunam
Mar 26, 2021 04:30 IST
Ben & Jerry's Campaigns

Here is a tub full of Ben & Jerry's Campaigns for you to rejoice in the summer heat, so scoop up this listicle and taste a few popular flavors that established the brand's legacy.

Ben & Jerry's continues to be influenced by pop culture and influence the pop culture, whether it's for their classic flavours or campaigns marketing these unique flavours.

The most prominent of those campaigns being Netflix & Chilll’d, introducing the first Netflix Original flavor. Product integrations were focussed on by fusing them into snippets from popular shows to announce the collaboration in an indigenous way that would appeal to both the fan bases.

The social media strategy is a mix of engaging aesthetics and informational communication. Brand creatives showcasing their product range with vibrant visuals, and short videos tutoring recipes, the brand touches upon various elements. Ativan online

The breezy and witty tonality with a sprinkle of humor has been maintained throughout their brand communications that maintains consistency, despite the brand associating with different agencies through their existence and having a global presence.

Campaigns such as 'The Lactose Intolerant Employee' and '#GreekShow' created by the Netherlands-based agency Fitzroy, keep these traits on the frontline, paving their way into the consumers' stomachs by making them laugh out loud.

Along with keeping their communication light-hearted, the brand has also voiced out its concerns on serious issues. Ben & Jerry's has always maintained a strong political, social, and cultural stance.

From bringing attention to the climate emergency and global warming with native campaigns to supporting the Black American Community during protests against police brutality with creatives, and pausing advertising spends on Facebook to participate in the #StopHateForProfit initiative, Ben & Jerry's continues to use their voice non-commercial purposes too.

Take the lid off and serve a scoop of few of the most eccentric campaigns by Ben & Jerry's.

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People's Climate March

Netflix & Chilll’d

The Lactose Intolerant Employee

If It's Melted It's Ruined

The Flavour Graveyard

Introducing The Brrr-ito


One Sweet World

Home Safe Home

One Love Banana Pancakes with Judah & Gideon Marley

Urban Bourbon Freak Coffee (Recipe)

Ice Cube Tray Truffles (Recipe)

Defund The Police

Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz

Crème Brûlée Cookie

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