Case Study: How Britannia Little Hearts awareness campaign personalized videos for broken hearts on Valentine's Day

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Britannia Little Hearts awareness campaign on Valentine's Day

The case study explores how Little Hearts spread a pertinent message through its campaign on Valentine's Day leveraging social media platforms.

Little Hearts Valentine's day campaign, 'Break some hearts' highlights the light-hearted and growing up side of heartbreaks and drives home a pertinent message, involving personalized videos and influencer outreach programme through social media platforms.

Category Introduction

Britannia Little Hearts operates in the Crackers segment which is a 6300 Cr+ segment within Biscuits, with the brand was growing faster than the category. The business proposition for the new communication was to increase the total awareness for the brand and increase off-takes, especially in-home consumption post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brand Introduction

Over the years, Britannia Little Hearts had built a strong product connect. The brand had come to be known for its product attributes - ‘heart-shaped, sugar-glazed but not much for anything else. ‘Break some hearts’, launched in 2017 is a tongue-in-cheek take on modern romance; a fresh point of view that went against the grain and resonated immediately with young audiences that the brand wanted to endear to.

It helped create the necessary trust that the brand needed and reintroduced Little Hearts to consumers in a new, exciting, and modern way.


The new positioning allows the brand to take a differentiated approach for Valentine’s Day. This year (2021) too, the 'break some hearts' message was needed to be taken forward but in a fresh way. ‘Break some hearts’ needed to lie at the centre of the idea to be able to stand out, but also had to be done in a way that puts a smile on the viewer’s faces.

Problem Statement/Objective

Little Hearts, as a brand, has product consumption across all ages - with the core TG being the teens and the youth. This year in order to appeal to a wider consumption cohort, the brand decided to approach Break Some Hearts in a different way (Till last year, the brand had an edgy, quirky, and tongue-in-cheek communication, especially targeting the younger audience).


Little Hearts observed that everyone goes through heart breaks at their teenage/youth. But it is important for people to experience/reminisce about it. The brand needed to do it through the lens of Break Some Hearts- after all, heartbreaks are all part of growing up and hence are sweet.

The brief was to create a special campaign to live/reminisce those deeds of romance and make someone’s heartbreak a little sweeter - an idea appealing across all age groups.

Moreover, Valentine’s Day is a day when all brands flood the communication with campaigns, promotions, and offers. The brand decided to take the route of 'break some hearts' to stand out in the clutter when everyone was talking about making people come together in Valentine's day.

Creative Idea

The insight was that when it comes to love, everyone is a hopeless romantic; but not every romantic overture needs to come to fruition, and that’s okay. The idea was to tell people that having your heart ‘broken’ isn’t such a big deal. Especially around Valentine’s Day, this message becomes even more pertinent.

The brand wanted the script to deliver the message, in a captivating manner that just like Little Hearts, there is something sweet in every little heartbreak. The idea was found in this endearing comedy of errors narrative which aims to strike a perfect balance between cheeky and cute, to deliver the brand's message in the form of an uplifting narrative that would seem charming and relatable to each and everyone who has ever been in love.


The challenge was to create a communication that was more inclusive, while not diluting the brands' core philosophy.

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The idea was executed through a film whose story is about a boy likes girl - girl likes another boy – life takes another turn. The campaign ends on the note of will love find a way? or would there be broken hearts?

Little Hearts campaign was spread across YouTube to drive awareness across key markets while Facebook & Instagram were used to support the YouTube film and drive engagement. It was targeted at audiences who have shown interest in love and romance.

Taking this a step further, the brand allowed the consumers to personalize this ad with a message for their loved ones, who might recently have gone through heartbreak as a unique end slate to the film. The person then shares the #BreakSomeHearts film to the heartbroken person to get across the spirit of seeing the lighter side of the heartbreak while creating a chain of such posts. This helped drive viewership and shareability of the film, while also providing visibility to the essence of the film in a quirky manner.

This activity was also promoted to drive awareness and get active online engagement on Instagram and Facebook.

Further, the campaign was amplified with the help of organic influencer outreach for the campaign through which the brand received several social media mentions by a minimum of 16 influencers.


As a part of the initiative, the brand campaign also generated social media conversations such as brand banters for visibility, and more.



  • Impressions: around 60 Mn impressions,
  • Views: 22Mn video views and
  • 1.5 Mn engagements in a span of 30 days


Multiple personalized messages were created by the viewers which were further shared by them with their friends, in an organic manner.


Vinay Subramanyam, VP Marketing, Britannia Industries Ltd., said, “Valentine’s Day brings in the season of love and while many are geared up to celebrate it with their loved ones, Britannia Little Hearts believes that both making of hearts and breaking of hearts is a light part of growing up. This one-of-a-kind campaign is a special attempt by Britannia Little Hearts to raise spirits and see the lighter, sweeter side to it. Britannia Little Hearts has always followed the proposition that it's ok to #BreakSomeHearts and through this differentiated initiative we are enabling our consumers to personalize the film and share it with those they care about in a unique manner.”

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