Clubmarket, a sponsorship marketplace for Clubhouse launched

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Clubhouse marketplace

With the rising opportunities for marketing and monetization on Clubhouse and the growing userbase, Clubmarket a marketplace for brands and creators to enter paid partnerships for promotions is now accepting applications.

Brand sponsorships on Clubhouse have been a hot topic since it first caught the public eye, and voice being a novel format in the social media marketing industry, the space is proving to be an innovative outlet for promotions. Clubmarket acts on this demand and bridged the gap between creators and brands through the marketplace.

The first batch of users would be onboard in the coming weeks, application submissions are now open. The marketplace enables hosts or creators to monetize their rooms and connects them to brands who want to market their products and services. The rates can be set by the hosts and brands can leverage the engaged audience through discussions in rooms.

Types of partnerships the marketplace supports:

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  • Branded Rooms ('Sponsored by X' to the Room title)
  • Shoutouts ('This room is sponsored by Y')
  • Product Giveaways ("We will give a free pair of ABC")
  • Executive Interview or AMA ('We’ll be interviewing the VP Marketing of XYZ')

Discussing the start-up on ProductHunt, Tomer Dean, the founder of Clubmarket mentioned Ryan Hoover, Founder, ProductHunt, discussed Clubhouse-related startup ideas and a marketplace for brands and creators. The idea stemmed from here and they further developed the start-up.

Clubhouse has already garnered an engaged userbase and the topics discussed in rooms remain diverse. Enabling the opportunity for brands from all industries to tap the novel format.

Consumers have been well-versed with branded content from publishers in the video and static visual format, several of the creative best practices from such campaigns can also be applied in this format, and brands can innovate steadily as they improve proficiency on the platform.

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