Facebook expands brand safety controls and upgrades Commerce & Ads IP tool

Facebook brand safety

Facebook has made improvements for the protection of copyrighted content and intellectual property rights with new brand safety controls and the Commerce & Ads IP tool.

Along with the protection of copyrighted content, Facebook has also expanded monetization for the rights holders with the new brand safety controls.

Brand Safety

Content Right holders can now claim and collect ad earnings from all pieces of their work distributed on the Facebook platform, even if it has not been posted from their Pages. Copyrighted content published by Pages that adhere to the Community Standards, along with partner and content monetization policies will now be able to drive revenue for the copyright owner.

Through this expansion the content will not be taken due to copyright claims, Pages will be able to garner engagement, copyright owners will earn their revenue, and advertisers will have an expanded inventory.

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A suitability control that enables advertisers to opt-out of showcasing campaigns on claimed videos during the campaign creation flow. To provide an estimated reach and approximate engagement, two brand suitability controls – publisher allow lists and inventory filters, have been added into the reach estimator in Ads Manager.

IP Protection Tools

The Commerce & Ads IP Tool will allow businesses on the platform to identify and report content that infringes their intellectual property rights. Businesses can search, check, and monitor ads and commerce listings on Marketplace and Shops.

The content found to be infringing the rights can be reported to Facebook. The IP Operations team will review reported content, and remove it if it is found to be contravening the rights. Businesses can apply to access this tool, once enrolled the business can utilize the functionalities mentioned above.

Along with searching for ads and commerce listings using text, businesses can also search by uploading an image, and content identical to the image uploaded will be displayed. The tool will also display results from businesses selling on Shops and via Instagram posts with product tags.