Facebook launches new experimental app – Bars, for rap artists

Facebook Bars

Bars has been launched in the beta phase, as a part of the NPE program by Facebook to enable aspiring rap artists to create and share their work with the in-app tools.

Facebook cites Bars as a substitute for equipment and production, that rap artists may not be able to heavily invest in during the initial phase of their career.

Users can rap over auto-generated beats and share their content in video format too, and get through the learning curve, without shelling out on studios. Artists can write lyrics and record themselves while rhyming over.

Bars also has the option to auto-suggest rhymes, a Challenge mode with auto-suggested word cues, and several audio and visual filters for video creation.

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The app will be available in App Store and users will be able to sign up for the waitlist, for getting access to the app. The platform will be opening up invites in batches, starting with users in the US.

The New Product Experimentation program by Facebook has amplified its focus on apps supporting creative formats and tools enabling remote collaboration or creation, particularly in the music space, in the light of the pandemic.

Recently, Facebook released an app called Collab, that enables users to create, watch, mix and match original videos, starting with music, giving musicians and artists a way to collaborate.

Users who want to collaborate with others for original music can browse through the feed of collabs, each collab features three 15-second independent videos playing in sync. Users can choose one by swiping on any row to bring in a new video clip that goes with their composition. They can also create their own arrangement by adding in one’s recording.