Into the future with OK Computer marketing strategy…

OK Computer marketing strategy

In an attempt to give a sneak-peak into the future, the OK Computer marketing strategy harps on the ensemble cast, meme-game, and a core message questioning the relevance of AI and technology in the modern world. We take a look.

As the sci-fi comedy thriller, set in the futuristic 2031, OK Computer releases on Disney+Hotstar, we take a look at its marketing strategy. Helmed by a stellar star cast that includes Radhika Apte, Vijay Varma, Jackie Shroff, and Rasika Duggal, the 6-episode series is directed by Pooja Shetty and Neil Pagedar and is produced by Anand Gandhi.

Attempting to reconcile the stone-age emotions, space-age technology, and industrial-age institutions, OK Computer’s marketing strategy follows a similar route that is focused on memes and futuristic posts. The prime hashtags used for OK Computer marketing strategy across social media platforms include #HotstarSpecialsOKComputer #TheFutureIsAjeeb #BotAccheBotBure, and #StreamingFromMarch26.

Hashtag Marketing with #TheFutureIsAjeeb

The platform kickstarted a social media conversation on Twitter with the #FutureIsAjeeb hashtag while asking the viewers if they have any questions about the future to create buzz and curiosity around the series’ theme.

The OTT platform tagged various brands to rope them in the conversation for relevance and reach through Tweets. This was done while envisaging a world in 2031 that would be without, say, for example, 30 minutes or free pizza to establish the core message of the series around Homo-sapiens vs Robo-sapiens.

This was followed by the Ajeeb and abrupt announcements, especially for the uninitiated to spread awareness and leverage the generated curiosity around the subject while engaging the audiences. A lot of celebrities and influencers seemed to organically react to such tweets with an element of surprise, probing further into the new sci-fi comedy-thriller series.

A Queer Recording

Keeping the futuristic theme intact, the marketers released another social media post with a digitized recording as a part of the announcement of the series.

This was shared by the cast and crew for further amplification.

Announcement Poster

In-line with the many layers of the series comprising humor, thrill, and a futuristic murder mystery to solve amidst the world of robots and humans, Disney+Hotstar released a static announcement poster across social media platforms.

The poster summarized and showcased the elements such as multiple robots and the prime characters.

Trailer Release

After the pre-buzz tactics and CTAs to redirect users to watch the series, the official trailer was launched.

Introducing Characters through Futuristic Posts

Disney+Hotstar introduced each of the characters with interesting promo post-formats on social media channels, with an element of mystery and design aesthetics revolving around a computerized world. Interweaving the eccentricities of the characters and the theme of the show, the posts intended to continue to generate curiosity and buzz.

Meet Saajan Kundu

Vijay Varma even changed his Instagram name to Saajan Kundu for authenticity and realism.

Laxmi Suri: Replacing Humans with Robots

Who is Pushpak Shakur?

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Tête-à-tête with the Stars 

Leveraging more tactics around content marketing, various conversation pieces were released to provide glimpses of what to expect from the series with BTS and interaction with the characters in their avatar.

Conversation with Laxmi

Meeting Saajan

#WeAreHiring with Laxmi Suri

This video post introduced PETER (People for the Ethical Treatment of Every Robot) with Radhika Apte in the voice of Laxmi where she is showcased as empathizing with gadgets and robots and how humans discard them when they are of no use, in a seeming slice-of-life comedy, set in 2031.

Keeping up with the Meme-Game

OK Computer movie marketing attempted to tick all the check-boxes of pop-culture while mingling the present and future, leading to a meme-dominated approach. The meme posts leveraged the theme of relatable comedy, modernism with AR filters, and slapstick dialogues from the series.

Random yet Relatable

As a part of the marketing tactic, Disney+Hotstar shared relatable posts while keeping it humorous and casual, without deviating from the topic of the series to target audiences across demographics.

The Jackie-Maushie connect was another celebrated set of posts shared by the marketers, leveraging the nostalgia and popularity of the veteran actor to promote the series.

Binary codes and bots were other themes that were followed for social media posts to grab the audience’s attention.

Countdown Posts

Another common tactic leveraged by the marketers for the series was countdown posts. To keep it interesting, the makers released the comic and thrill-based dialogue snippets from OK Computer.

Funny meme posts continued to be at the epicenter even for the countdown or reminder posts


Several influential people reacted to the promo posts in the socioverse for OK Computer with appreciation for the actors and the series’ concept.

To Sum It Up

Amidst the news of the second wave, the future might be Ajeeb for many, but it continues to be full of surprises. Similarly, with social commentary between the layers of comedy, mockumentary, and visually striking imagery, the OK Computer marketing strategy leverages curiosity and apprehension among the people for the future that might be dominated by AI and technology.