Instagram Reels can now be recommended on Facebook

Instagram Reels Facebook

Facebook announced that it is testing the ability for Instagram creators to have their public Reels recommended on Facebook in India.

Facebook is now testing the ability with a limited set of Instagram creators in the country to choose to have their Reels recommended on Facebook and also launching the ability for people to create and watch Reels on the platform.

In this test, when someone on Instagram with a public account shares their Instagram Reels, they’ll see an option to have their Reels recommended to people on Facebook. This will enable creators to expand the reach of their content to new audiences as well as for newer creators to be discovered.  

At the onset, we will have Reels from a diverse set of creators such as Pooja Dhingra, Ashish Chanchlani, and public figures such as Sanjeev Kapoor, Harbhajan Singh among others. 

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How To Recommend A Reel From Instagram On Facebook

When a creator shares a Reel on Instagram, some will now see a prompt to also have that Reel recommended on Facebook; tap “allow” to opt-in. If the creator opts-in to the experience, their reel can be shown as recommended content to anyone on Facebook. Their reels will be shown with their Instagram username, not from their Facebook account if they have one. 

How to Create a Reel On Facebook

Select Reels at the top of the Facebook News Feed. From the camera, users can choose to capture video clips with the camera, upload video clips from your camera roll, or both.

With Reels, users can inspect, trim, and edit multiple clips together to create a video. In the camera, users will see editing tools on the right side of their screen that can be used to create a Reel, including audio, AR Effects, Timer, and Speed.


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