LinkedIn launches professional courses for women in B2B marketing

Paawan Sunam
Mar 10, 2021 09:04 IST
New Update
LinkedIn courses

In an attempt to clear out the disparities women face in their professional careers in the B2B marketing space, and to aid them in climbing to leadership positions in the industry, LinkedIn has introduced a series of video courses.

These professional courses are a part of the LinkedIn Learning program and are available for free in video format. Gender dynamics, subconscious biases, and more of such issues that hinder the growth of diligent women are touched upon by a lineup of experts who provide a few actionable insights.

Professors, business coaches, marketing executives, authors, and more of such experts from various sections of the industry share their experiences and learnings to apprise the female population in B2B marketing about how they can approach and solve problems faced in the career.

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The video courses cover a host of topics that traverse through the professional and personal issues that can have a potential impact. For instance, leadership strategies, and planning a family leave and returning to work, and more.

Communication barriers, imposter syndrome, work coverage plans, prioritizing life demands, interruption in meetings, stolen ideas, 'invisible work' for no credit, and many more such topics that cover the interpersonal and external professional areas, are a part of these courses.

Each subject is dissected into short videos covering various sub-topics. Professionals can learn to manage unfavorable situations in an informed manner and power through tp leadership positions.

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