MX TakaTak launches MY Home for content creators in India

MX TakaTak MY Home

With 15 influencers coming together each week, MY Home is a platform aiming to bring some of the best content creators in India under one roof.

MX TakaTak has launched a platform to showcase the talent of the digital creators with MX TakaTak My Home. This initiative is a content creator collective that will see some of the country’s finest talents come together on a weekly basis, to collaborate and help each other amass more followers.

Spread across the entertainment hubs of Mumbai and Delhi, these cities will host 15 talented digital enthusiasts, who will be given the opportunity to innovate and create content.

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Elaborating on this, Janhavi Parikh, Business Head, MX TakaTak, said, “My Home has been devised to offer our content creators an equal opportunity for growth. The doors of this house will be open for those creators who are passionate about their craft, who are consistent with their videos and those who want to pioneer change in digital content consumption. This house is about creating a collaborative environment that encourages our digital enthusiasts to produce compelling content to entertain India.”

Faizal Siddiqui, a part of Delhi MY HOME , said, “The concept of creating an engaging environment for creators to join forces and make fun content is a great thought, opportunities like these give rise to the greatest digital stars.”

Influencer Rizwan added, “The MX TakaTak team makes sure that we have everything we might need to create the best videos we can. The quality of content automatically improves and we’re able to put our best foot forward for our fans.”

Wish Rathod, another creator on the platform, said, “Creating a space like this is a very international concept and it’s great that MX TakaTak is doing so much to give creators like us a once in a lifetime chance such as this. You get to meet like-minded people, discuss ideas, ideologies and grow creatively, and that’s what I am looking forward to.”

Oye Indori further shared, “MX TakaTak is truly THE platform to be on – they put their creators first. As an influencer, I’d like my fellow peers to be a part of these collaborative initiatives, it is an opportunity to learn more about creating awesome videos and gives you a chance to understand this space better. ”