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Brooke Bond Red Label campaigns over the years have banked on the insight of tea being a 'feeling' in India and the endless bonding opportunities that it presents.

The core narrative that campaigns by Brooke Bond Red Label follow is bringing people from different stratas of society together who otherwise wouldn't be in the same space in the general societal setting, and showing how sharing a cup of tea can dissolve all differences.

The thread has been weaved around several narratives wherein people from varying faith, gender, castes, and countries succumb to the sweetness of affection.

Swad Apnepan Ka or Taste Of Togetherness has been one of the longest running series by brands wherein several kinds of differences are put to rest.

Through the course of time, Swad Apnepan Ka has been representational of the brand philosophy and has transformed into an umbrella concept that the brand revisits every now and then, adding the relevancy of a current social issue or depicting a distinct narrative.

The campaigns have been known to confront several prejudices that often are avoided in social conversations or are stereotyped. The brand has also been able to maintain a consistent tonality despite tapping different narratives and collaborating with different agencies such as Geometry Encompass and Ogilvy India.

Now serving the Red Label Campaigns that changed the meaning of having a cup of tea.

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This Republic Day… Let’s #Unstereotype

A Tale Of Two Blends

That Kind Of A Woman


Peace One Day

Swad Apnepan Ka


Pyar Ka Pyala

A Boy Who Girls Like

Old Friends

Surprise Visit

Piku & Baba Share Moments Of Togetherness

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