Reddit partners with Omnicom Media Group to scale advertising

Reddit Omnicom

Reddit announced that they have entered into an Enterprise Partnership agreement with Omnicom Media Group to enable a range of strategic and commercial benefits from the media spends on Reddit.

The partnership is a part of the efforts to scale the advertising business on Reddit, and the partnership with Omnicom Media Group will result in the clients of OMG agencies receiving additional perks into tapping the 52 Mn daily active users.

Reddit’s creative strategy team, education and training tools, innovation offering, early ad product, and feature testing, measurement and reporting, data, and unique insights capability, are a few of the functionalities that will be available to OMG’s clients to execute campaigns on the platform with increased efficiency.

“The social media ecosystem is changing – we’re seeing an outflow of media consumption from people-based platforms, and an inflow towards interest-based platforms. We’ve been working with Omnicom Media Group for some time to help their agencies and clients navigate this shift towards online communities and ensure their effective place within them. Formalizing this partnership is a logical and exciting next step towards greater collaboration and client success”, said Reddit’s Global Agency Lead for Omnicom Media Group, Andrew Abbott.

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Additionally, OMG and Reddit have also been developing brand safety on the platform through OMG’s Council on Accountable Social Advertising (CASA), to provide tools and options to advertisers equipping them to control and choose where their ads appear.

Furthermore, Reddit has been entering into partnerships to expand and improve advertising on the platform. In December 2020, Reddit also partnered with Oracle Data Cloud to provide third-party verification around views and engagement metrics of Reddit ads to brands.

The viewability measurement collaboration with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud will provide an independent report on the viewability and reach of Reddit ads. Launched in the alpha phase of testing with limited partners, the server-to-server integration will be available broadly in early 2021.