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SAMMIE 2020 Winners

With the virtual curtain being drawn on AliveNow SAMMIE, here's a loud and warm cheer for all the winners that made it all worthwhile.

When we began SAMMIE Best Social Media Brands, no one could have imagined it would be an entirely virtual event someday. However, here we are — having successfully completed the second edition while working remotely from our homes, kitchens, couches and sometimes desks. The marketing and advertising industry has stopped for none — campaigns keep being conceptualised, executed and evaluated. AliveNow presents SAMMIE 2020 awards are a salute to the resilience of all those winners who constitute this industry and make magic happen every day — even if it's remotely.

We would like to raise a virtual toast to all the persons behind the 450+ entries we received over the last few weeks. And to the judges who put on their thinking caps to help us find and honour some of the best works produced by the industry.

You can download the list of all the winners of SAMMIE below:

SAMMIE BSMB - Brand Category

SAMMIE BSMB - Marketing Achievers

SAMMIE BSMB - Campaigns Category

Congratulations, everyone!

As we bid adieu to AliveNow SAMMIE 2020, we hope the next edition would be one where COVID-19 and the lockdown would be a distant memory. Even though the world wouldn't be the same, the tough times have indeed proven that the A&M industry can come together despite all odds and shine bright with each passing day. We hope to continue appreciating everyone along the way.

AliveNow SAMMIE Best Social Media Brands 2020-21 was brought to you by Society Tea, Storia, HQ, Godrej Aer.

SAMMIE Best Social Media Brands Winners

SAMMIE Best Social Media Campaigns Winners

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