Samosa Chat: Who got Ambi Parameswaran to join Facebook? Let's find out...

Sneha Yadav
Mar 11, 2021 05:46 IST
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Ambi Parameswaran

If there's a better colloquial description for the latest editorial video segment presented by Social Samosa that would be 'Advertising mavens killin it on social media.' The first to feature in the series is none other than Brand Strategist, Ambi Parameswaran.

From sharing perspectives and opinions on varied and distinct topics to living up to the sass with sarcasm and a touch of light humor to sharing personal stories and anecdotes, these advertising connoisseurs have been active social media users. This candid chapter of ‘Samosa Chat’ takes a sneak peek into the social media journey of advertising mavens. Episode one of the finite series features Ambi Parameswaran, Brand Strategist and Founder

For Parameswaran, it was Zee TV’s former CEO, Pradeep Guha who led him to open a Facebook account a decade ago. Until then Parameswaran assumed that social media was only meant for school or college kids. His introduction to Twitter is another interesting story for which you need to see the video.

Currently, he is active on both Facebook and Twitter while Linkedin he considers as the most useful one amongst all the social media platforms in terms of learning, discovering new things, and most importantly-networking. 

Where Parameswaran as an author has utilized social media to connect with potential readers, he has restricted himself from oversharing personal things on the new web or doing the ‘millennial' thing and is also not a big fan of posting the ‘daily breakfast to lunches snaps’ on stories.

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He prefers staying away from sharing any negative remarks and keeps his thoughts on a lighter note. On a daily basis, he invests around half an hour on various social media apps. Parameswaran, is, however, very cautious about the amount of time we dedicate to social media. 

“Used rightly, I think social media is a great amount of information. Prakash Iyer puts it nicely - there is so much to learn from Twitter if you follow the right people. You will be a fool if you don’t use social media to improve yourself,” he shares.

Having catered to the advertising domain for several years, the ad veteran shares his experiences on social media and is often found interacting over a few campaigns, brand moments, and marketing executions.

Watch the full video here to know more about his social media stints complemented by a rapid-fire round where he shares some interesting takes.

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