Samsung rolls out #WorkPlayChill campaign for its convertible 5-in-1 ACs

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Samsung Launches #WorkPlayChill campaign for its new range of convertible ACs.

The digital campaign by Samsung revolves around how different parts of our day require different cooling mechanisms and if followed, can lead to substantial power conservation. 

Samsung India has launched a digital campaign for its new Convertible 5-in-1 air conditioners, #WorkPlayChill. The campaign brings to life five power consumption modes offered by this range for different cooling needs.

Samsung aims to reposition its range of air conditioners as a perfect companion for creating a complete environment for work, play, and chill. The modes showcased in the film are the Home Alone mode at 40% power consumption, Eco mode at 60%, Pleasant mode at 80% power consumption, Normal mode at 100% power consumption, and Party mode at 120% power consumption. 

The campaign centres around the life of millennials, who have picked up healthy habits during the new normal and are now entertaining themselves at home and investing in products that make work from home more seamless and help save energy.  It will go live on digital media, with a mix of video, OTT, and social media to build awareness. 

The film caters to the quirks of everyday staying-at-home life and further highlights the features of the product in a youthful and vibrant manner. 

The #WorkPlayChill campaign highlights how the new work culture has evolved, how leisure hours are utilized indoors, and how investing more in health and wellness has taken the spotlight in today’s times. The underlying thought behind the campaign comes from the fact that there has been an increase in time spent at home.  

Millennials are quite conscious of unnecessary energy wastage, and certainly, increased electricity bills, due to which they don’t always want to use an AC at its highest capacity. The new Convertible 5-in-1 AC range gives consumers the flexibility to choose between modes – from 40% power consumption to 120% power consumption, depending on their cooling needs.  

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The film opens with a young girl working from home and using the ‘Home Alone’ mode that is perfect for all-day cooling for one and consumes only 40% power, followed by a couple chilling at home and playing indoor golf while using the ‘Eco’ mode that consumes 60% power. 

It then showcases the ‘Pleasant’ mode that runs at 80% power and creates optimal room temperature for a couple enjoying a candle-light dinner.  

The ‘Normal’ and ‘Party’ modes consuming 100% and 120% power, respectively, are shown as perfect cooling options for working-out with loved ones and enjoying a jamming session at home.

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