YouTube Updates: Comment Features, & more

Paawan Sunam
Mar 09, 2021 13:07 IST
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YouTube updates

YouTube has announced a few developments, features, and updates for comments on the platform, along with an addition to the Studio mobile app on Android.

The updates were shared by the YouTube Team through their Creator Insider channel.

Video Restrictions

Video restrictions will now be visible in the Studio mobile app on Android. Any hindrances in the video distribution or monetization such as copyright claims or other issues can be viewed here.

Coloured icons indicating the issues such as 'copyright claims', 'community guidelines strikes', ad suitability warnings, and more of such issues will be highlighted with the label on the video. Clicking on the icon will give creators more details about the issue and the visibility and monetization status of the video.

Presently, the update will only enable the creators to review the issues with an option to resolve community guideline strikes, but YouTube is also working on functionalities that would help the creator review and resolve all kinds of video restrictions, within the Studio mobile app.

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Comment Features

Along with platform-level investments for potential detection of harassing comments, here are a few more developments and features for comments on YouTube.

Civility Reminders

Currently only available in the US on Android, the feature is a prompt reminding the user to avoid hateful or derogatory speech that may potentially be inappropriate or offensive. The user can still post the comment, but after a moment of reflection and an option to go back and not say it or edit it.

Merged Moderation Tabs

This tab was designed to make managing comments easier by collating the likely spam tab and held for review tab together and streamline moderation for creators into a single place.

Comment Expiration

Going forward, comments in the held for review tab will only queue for up to 60 days and then be removed as opposed to piling up indefinitely. YouTube says this update will have no impact on a channel's performance.

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