Snapchat launches resources to help advertisers deal with iOS 14 privacy updates

Snapchat iOS 14

To aid advertisers with measures and resources to administer the iOS 14 privacy updates, and help them understand its impact, Snapchat has launched a hub of tools and a series of guides.

Advertisers can alter their marketing efforts on iOS devices to comply with the iOS 14 privacy updates, and optimize the campaigns with the right measures through these tools, resources, and guides by Snapchat.

All the privacy updates will be taken into consideration for all advertising solutions on Snapchat, and the same methodology has been followed to design these tools and resources.

iOS 14 Resource Hub

The Snapchat iOS 14 Resource Hub is now available in the Business Help Center. Each topic in the resource center covers a section of the update, its impact, Snapchat’s stance, and the preparations advertisers can adhere to.

iOS 14 introduction, mobile app advertising, data disclosure requirements, and mobile web advertising, are a few of the topics touched upon by the hub.

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Advertisers can go through each topic and comprehend how the changes will affect their strategies and campaigns. For instance, Snap first apprises us of the iOS updates such as App Tracking Transparency (ATT), a permission system for users to opt-in to tracking across apps and websites owned by other companies.

Then, the platform’s stance to show the tracking prompt to users and continue to collect identifiers such as IDFA for opt-in events on iOS 14. And finally the update’s impact and the recommended preparation.

Preparation Guides

Snapchat has outlined comprehensive Preparation Guides with actionable insights to educate advertisers about the specifics of advertising on Snapchat in accordance with the new updates.

The iOS 14 App Preparation Guide includes information and best practices for advertisers running Snapchat campaigns with app install or deep-link attachments.

And the iOS 14 Web Preparation Guide dispenses insights for advertisers running Snapchat campaigns with website attachments.

The platform will also be gauging the updates’ impact in real-time over the several months and be in communication with stakeholders, mobile measurement partners, and advertisers, and give a run through of expected product impacts and advertiser recommendations.