Suez Canal brand posts clear the creative block

Suez Canal brand posts

The highly-engaged with meme template of Suez Canal has now been integrated into brand posts, which aim to bring in a flood of engagement and a ton of reach.

The internet has never been as interested in marine traffic before, courtesy of the widely distributed image of a (visually) ant-size crane holding back the giant Evergiven cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal in Egypt, the image which later turned into a topical trend amongst brand posts.

The image appears to have first surfaced on Reddit, followed by Twitter, and more social media platforms. Users tapped the template to express the strong everyday situations held up by their weak emotions.

Brands have kept the visual recurrent with minimal brand or product integrations, that either is surrounded by relatable situations relevant to the brand or promote or describe their offerings.

Surf through the Suez Canal brand posts.

PS: If you’re thinking about tapping the trend, that ship has probably sailed, as the canal was unblocked a few hours ago, and Evergiven is now moving.

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Mercedes AMG F1


OkCupid India



DBS Bank India

Allen Career Institute


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