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Our childhood companion Super Mario has stepped out of his castle and entered the advertising universe to give a boost of engagement to brands tapping the popular theme.

Turns out Mario is not just in our earliest memories of video games, the simple but engrossing format of this play can also be tapped for advertising campaigns, to transform promotional efforts into an engaging adventure.

The titular character of the Super Mario platform game series and Nintendo's primary mascot is arguably the most famous video game character, he is a pop culture icon and not just in the gaming industry. March 10 = MARIO, notice any similarities? He even has a day dedicated to himself. The day was chosen because the date looks visually similar to the name.

Mario has appeared on television shows, feature films, comic books, lunch boxes, merchandise, and many more places. His legacy also has a stint in advertising, several brands have used the popular gaming format and the unforgettable tune, by placing the character in a product-integrated world.

The format is quite universal, with a few replacements and changes, practically any brand can turn a snippet of the game into a promotional campaign. One of the earliest examples we've seen was the comedy company AIB's depiction of Mumbai life in the Mario world. With over seven million views (to date) it still remains one of their most popular videos.

goDutch, the group payments app also integrated the Hera Pheri theme in the Mario format to give an additional sense of amusement to the campaign, and also increase the relatability and brand-connect quotient showing how users can split and settle bills.

Brands manufacturing feminine hygiene products, such as Whisper and Scarlet's Tales have also tapped the format effectively, transmitting easy-to-consume communication.

The most recent and popular one has been 'Mario Takes A Flight' by ixigo, created to notify consumers about the hygiene and safety practices that they need to adhere to while boarding a flight during the pandemic.

Enter the Mushroom Kingdom and experience Mario in the advertising universe.

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*Overworld Theme starts playing*

Mario Takes A Flight - ixigo

Indian Mario - AIB

super Hera Pheri Bros - goDutch

Sacrlet's Life - Scarlet Tales


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