[Download] State of Conversation 2021 by Talkwalker & Trustpilot

According to the report by Talkwalker and Trustpilot, 82% of industry professionals believe that the pandemic has changed their understanding of consumer conversation.

Among the many things that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed, lies the brand-to-consumer dynamic. Over a year ago, the world came to a standstill with a lockdown in virtually every country, with the production and distribution of goods disrupted. While consumers had to choose between essential and non-essential. So, what did survive the brand-to-consumer dynamic? Conversations, naturally, reveals the Talkwalker report.

Consumers wanted to be heard and their opinion valued. They needed a friend who would help them with recipes, or a guide who would encourage them to work out. With COVID-19, consumer conversation evolved greatly. A recent report by an enterprise listening company, Talkwalker, and an open-to-all review platform, Trustpilot, surveyed 1000+ PR, marketing, and consumer insight experts, collected opinions from 50+ thought leaders, along with social listening data analysis, to create the State of Conversation 2021 Report.

As the pandemic changed the physical and emotional needs of the consumers, digital interactions moved online, with a  demand for more humane interaction from brands.

50% of the respondents confirmed that access to insights from consumer conversations is limited to a specific department within their organization. With trends, memes, and moments changing every hour, data democratization is the way forward. Brands and agencies need to create a seamless flow for customer intelligence that reduces turnaround time and makes customer conversations more engaging.

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“Not only are online conversations critical to make short-term decisions by reacting to an ever-changing world of temporary lockdowns and changing societal rules, but it’s become a fundamental base to plan business for the mid-term and to predict long-term effects of the pandemic on future consumer behavior,” Tiankai Feng, Global Director, Voice of Consumer Analytics, adidas.

The report shares insightful data around the current State of Conversations with input from industry veterans including VartikaMalaviya Hali (NielsenIQ), Samuel Pavin (Resumption), Miguel Carranza (KIA), Heba Sayed (IBM Hybrid Cloud and AI, Middle East and Africa), Christopher S. Penn (Trust Insights), Christina Garnett (HubSpot), and more.

Download the report to gain further information that can help you build a seamless marketing strategy.

Talkwalker - State of Conversation 2021