Twitter introduces conversation settings for ads

Twitter conversation settings

Advertisers drafting Tweets through the Tweet Composer or the Twitter Ads API will now have the ability to apply conversation settings to their Promoted-only Tweets.

The conversation settings will let advertisers choose who can reply to the Tweets and join the conversation on Twitter. General users have had this option for a while, but it has now been rolled out by advertisers on the platform too.

  • Everyone: All users on Twitter (Default)
  • People you follow: Only the accounts followed
  • Only people you mention: Curated accounts tagged in the Tweet, or disabled replies by not mentioning anyone

How To Use Conversation Settings

The settings can be applied to any Tweet format available in the Tweet Composer and can be promoted in any type of campaign, including Takeover products.

  • Tap the ‘Everyone Can Reply’ button on Tweet Composer (Advertisers can leave it as is to select this default option)
  • Select the desired setting from the dropdown menu
  • Create the Tweet
  • Tap ‘Publish’

Once the Tweet is published the settings will be automatically applied.

The new conversation settings can be very useful for advertisers when tapped effectively and in the right context. A few of the use case applications can be using the setting to announce new collaborations, brand conversations, friendly banters, reveal new endorsers, initiate pre-buzz campaigns, and more.

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For instance, brands have recently been imbibing the conversational core of Twitter, and engaging in friendly banters with other brands. Collaborations between brands have also often been introduced by tapping this organic nature of the platform.

We have often seen endorsers engaging in Twitter conversations with a brand reveal at the end, to announce new partnerships. The settings can be applied to run such a Twitter campaign with more precision.

Furthermore, whenever we see a celebrity endorser involved in any sort of controversy, the brand they have partnered with has been on the receiving end of some undue hate.

Putting out necessary communication during such periods becomes increasingly difficult without gathering ample hate speech in the thread. Disabling replies by applying the ‘Only people you mention’ setting and not mentioning anyone in the Tweet can curb some uncalled-for comments.