YouTube announces new updates for creators

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube updates

YouTube has announced a few updates for creators that include a new kind of analytics available in the creator Studio, a development on the rollout of Chat Support, and more.

The updates have been announced through the Creator Insider channel by YouTube.

Other Channels - Studio Analytics

YouTube has launched a new card in Studio Analytics on the desktop that shows the other channels a creator's audience has been watching over the past 28 days.

There are several use case applications for this analytic that creators can use. A few of them are considering the changing audience interests in video topics or formats, and also tracking channels in direct or indirect competition.

Along with keeping a check on the competitive channels, creators can also find potential collaboration opportunities.

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Using this card with other analytics available in the studio, creators may also be able to create a 'viewer persona' that gives a general representation of the channel audience.

Chat Support

Pilot Support was launched in August last year, and now Chat Support has been rolled out on the full scale for YouTube Partner Programme creators, in 16 languages.

Creators who are a part of the programme will see a 'text' icon beside the 'Create' button to get access to support.

Custom Emojis

Custom Emojis are now available for channel members to use in community posts' (on public and member-only posts) comments.