YouTube shares initiatives supporting COVID-19 vaccine education

YouTube COVID-19 vaccine

With effective communication being a vital part of the current COVID-19 response programs around the globe, YouTube has announced a few initiatives undertaken on the platform in an effort to be a contributor bolstering vaccine education.

YouTube mentions that the company will be leveraging the platform’s reach supported by the community of creators to help make the science of the COVID-19 vaccine easily understandable in association with various health authorities.

Information Panels

Information Panels that redirect users to credible and reliable sources of information whenever a user searches for COVID-19 related terms have been expanded.

This is one of the methods YouTube is sharing information from public health authorities across the platform with high visibility. YouTube has associated with more than 85 local health authorities and public health experts from around the globe.

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Authoritative partner content and COVID-19 information panels on YouTube have been viewed 400 Bn times, as per YouTube. The platform will be continuing to make credible information visible on the platform, and will also increase focus on communities that are most at-risk and most in need of critical information.


In partnership with the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, YouTube has launched a global campaign highlighting personal stories of people who have been vaccinated, to address vaccine hesitancy.

Creator Videos

Creator videos fetauring conversations with public health officials and experts such as Dr. Fauci and Monica, CDC officer Tia Rogers and more will be expanded to answer concerns that the community of the viewers may have, and spread public service messages.