Bodyform campaigns that empathized with period pains, & normalized blood stains

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Unpacking Bodyform campaigns that revealed the truth about menstruation, busted myths, provided tips, and aim to inspire empathy with menstruating women.

Menstruation has always been surrounded by several myths, along with its representation being sugarcoated in visual mediums with elements such as blood being blue, a sense of shame is attached to the bloodstains, and periods run parallel with forbiddance. Bodyform campaigns put a greater focus on these social issues, rather than their products.

This outlook came into action in October 2012 after Richard Neill made a Facebook post ridiculing Bodyform ads and how they were far away from the truth when it comes to the portrayal of periods. He went on to describe how his girlfriend changed from a loving, gentle girl to an "exorcist with added venom" during menstruation, and how Bodyform ads set him up for this.

The feminine hygiene brand's response to this resulted in one of the smartest, and most genuine ad campaigns. It was simply Caroline Williams, CEO, Bodyform addressing Richard's concern. Scripted and produced in association with Carat and Rubber Republic, the campaign was created in less than a week.

The campaign generated a lot of social media chatter around the brand, with several users appreciating the brand for an unadulterated response without trying to defend itself. The brand then went ahead to normalize bloodstains with several campaigns.

'Blood Normal' was the umbrella concept created that was populated with several campaigns and adverts. It also involved a social experiment with teenagers around the knowledge of menstruation and how a comfortable environment can be created for menstruating girls.

The brand has also launched series of educational videos, explaining terms, providing tips, and busting myths. The topics cover a range and a variety of concerns such as how to take care of your flow, PCOS, and more.

#WombStories, showcasing how menstruation & womb-related issues are not as simple as girls start getting periods at a certain age, and then go through menopause at another, is the most recent and one of the brand's most interesting work.

The campaign’s objective is to normalize all kinds of womb stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Getting blood on new underwear, experiencing chronic pain, bearing the loss of an unborn child, and squirting blood while sneezing during periods – all stories have a visual in the campaign.

#WombStories, created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, and directed by Nisha Ganatra shows muti-segmented narratives of crowd-sourced stories.

The soundtrack used is Priestess (Shura Remix) by Pumarosa and the artists contributing to the animation include @laurajaneyh, @carinekhalife, @sallalehmus@kateisobelscott@oook_bai@stopmotionroos, @headexplodie, @nellaphnt, @mollygracelawton, @aylinohri, @__mephoto, @georgiewileman, @_mephoto.

More campaigns from Bodyform normalize blood.

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