Brand Saga: Decoding Whirlpool’s way of building ‘cool’ bonds

Whirlpool India advertising journey

Starting off from where we left last week, the Whirlpool India advertising journey has been committed to making strong bonds through its ‘cool’ marketing tactics. Let’s dig further into the brand’s efforts to reach the maximum audience through its product advertisements.

In the year 2018, Whirlpool roped in Kriti Sanon and Late Sushant Singh Rajput as the brand ambassadors- a youthful and energetic push for the Whirlpool India advertising journey- for its new range of appliances while the rumors of the couple dating raised eyeballs post the launch of their movie ‘Raabta’.

With an objective to strengthen the emotional equity the brand enjoys, the celebs were brought on board to increase the affinity among new-age Indians. As a part of Whirlpool’s 3D Cool Inverter AC campaign, both Sanon and Singh starred in their television commercial and continued to feature in the brand’s campaigns later.

In the same year, the brand kicked off their new campaign for their Intellifresh range of refrigerators with their brand ambassadors, as the duo pointed out the freshness of the food that stays for days on with the help of Intellifresh refrigerator.  

The TVC promoted the range as an ideal addition to the household with its innovative Adaptative Intelligence (AI) Technology. The campaign presented a quirky take on how the Intellifresh refrigerator is a couples’ new best friend. 

Product marketing done right

From launching the range of state of the art non-CFC Frost Free Refrigerators to a Magic Cool Series of Air Conditioners -windows and Split – to upgrading its design and manufacturing capabilities to come up with high-end products like the 3Door Proton World series refrigerators or launching the 3D Cool AC Remote, the Whirlpool India advertising journey has embodied little too big details of the products specifications and features simplifying it for the consumers as the brand marched towards a decades-long run in the market.

Further presenting the Whirlpool IntelliFresh Refrigerators powered by 6th SENSE IntelliSensor and SealFresh Technology, the brand took on its promotion galore with the hashtag #SmarterThanJustAConvertible. Harping on launching the ‘firsts’ in the category trend, the brand also talked about its embodiment of India’s first Adapta Shelves and Feather Touch Controls, pegging it as a  perfect combination of intelligent technology and stunning design.

Next in line for 2017 was 3D Cool Xtreme AC with 3 times more powerful cooling supported with the hashtag #SmarterThanInvertorAC while also ensured keeping the air fresh and cooling the room instantly.

The same year, Whirpool revamped and introduced its new logo, which indicated its growth and expansion across categories. The new logo reinforced the idea of being intrinsically simple yet modern and elegant. It is designed to showcase what Whirlpool delivers – appliances that boast quality, integrity, and innovation.

Of creating ‘Cool Yet Warm’ bonds

Leveraging the festive fervor, Whirlpool, in 2019, launched a TVC to celebrate “little moments of care for our loved ones.” Featuring Kriti Sanon, the campaign conceptualized by FCB Ulka unveiled a new baseline – Every day, care.

It beautifully brought together a montage showcasing everyday snippets of different homes, different relationships, and how Whirlpool makes it easy for members of a home to care for another, thus transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

As the brand continues to pioneer product innovations while leading the pack and introducing bottom mount refrigerators, associating with IPL in 2020 for the launch of its premium range, direct cool and frost-free Intellifresh refrigerators as the latest on the block, it has sans doubt served the brand purpose and delivered performances year on year.

The latest communication by the brand is revolved around conveying the specifications and upgraded features of its appliances sensing the relevance and the summer around.

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Whirlpool’s Digital Play

When the digital wave had just hit the Indian shores and everyone was going gaga over digitalization, Whirlpool had appointed Ignitee Digital Solutions to look after the brand’s presence across online media, mobile, social media, and e-commerce platforms.

In December 2020, it onboarded Pulp Strategy as its digital agency, wherein it was tasked to plan and execute new digital initiatives for the brand. It is no news that, like many other brands, Whirlpool has invested hugely in social media marketing and puts its efforts into keeping up with the talk of the town and creating relevant digital content for its consumers.

In November 2020, it rolled out a digital marketing campaign #AdaptToUs with celebrity couples and mommy bloggers for its new advanced Intellifresh Pro Bottom Mount Refrigerators. Building on the brand philosophy of #Everydaycare, the campaign drew an analogy with the refrigerator’s capability to care for you every day as its senses adapt and control the temperature & humidity to give you long-lasting freshness.

The campaign focused on the relationships between family members and how well they adapt to each other. Whirlpool partnered with Momspresso, India’s largest user-generated content platform for women, to bring the campaign alive.

The campaign kick-started with popular celebrity couples Anita Hassanandani- Rohit Reddy, Debina Bonnerjee- Gurmeet Choudhary, and Gauri Pradhan- Hiten Tejwani answering fun quiz questions and talking about how they have beautifully adapted to each other by sensing each other’s needs. This was followed by Mom influencers sharing their experience with the Whirlpool Intellifresh Pro Bottom Mount Refrigerators, capturing how it truly cares for the home it inhabits by sensing and adapting to the needs of the family.

Enhancing its reach and amplifying consumer engagement across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, Whirlpool has been utilizing all the mediums aptly according to the content that gets consumed over each of them. From influencer marketing to occasional and festive wishes to topicals, the brand has been living it up with the trends and crafts creatives that go beyond just selling the appliances.

With consistent growth and deliberate efforts towards building trust in the hearts of consumers, the Whirlpool India advertising journey has proved its mettle at every stage. Kudos to the brand and its commitment to Every Day, Care.